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October 26, 2019

We love to see the Apron Fam doing good in the world! Earlier this month, barber Daryl Chard travelled to India on his own dime to cut hair for free on the street, in shops, and in orphanages.

Daryl Chard in India

He also helped out local barbers he met along the way by giving them each some extra cash, all thanks to donors back home. At the end of his trip, Daryl gave away the tools he’d been using, including an S&R apron, to a Rishikesh barber named Mangal Singh.

Mangal Singh in an S&R apron

We were pumped to be able to be a sponsor for his trip, along with @wahloffame, @layriteofficial, and @lesindustriesgroom. And we’re happy to see that Mangal will put his new apron to good use.

When Daryl’s not travelling the world, he’s working at The Common Room Barbershop in Montreal. You can find him on Instagram  @darylbarbier.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey, Daryl!