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November 02, 2019

We love nothing more than a custom apron!  Not only can you pick the fabric, style, pockets, hardware, and more, you can also add your own branding!  We can add your logo or name in embroidery, screen printing, or even leather embossing.  What better way to up your company's style and marketing at the same time?

Check out some samples of custom branded aprons from the past year.

Custom branded apron for Google

Custom oilskin canvas and leather aprons for Google.


Custom branded aprons for Gin & Tonic

Custom olive green canvas aprons for Vancouver cocktail caterer Gin & Tonic.


Apron for Chris Rigoni Tattoo

Custom honey tan leather on black canvas apron for Australian tattooer Chris Rigoni.


Custom aprons for Les Barbot

Custom leather and canvas for Les Barbots, in Marseille, France.


Custom leather apron

Custom leather apron for Derek Turcotte at Electric Grizzly Tattoo.


Custom apron for Alexander Savossin

Custom orange apron for barber Alexander Savossin.

Thanks to all our customers who come to us for a custom, branded look!  If you're interested in branded aprons and other products, check out this post.