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October 22, 2019

One way to set yourself apart in the world of hairstyling is to share your talent and knowledge with your colleagues in the industry. If you want to take that one step further, like David Falla, you’d impart your wisdom in two languages!

David Falla, The Fit Barber
David’s hugely successful FitBarber Brand made its mark through two YouTube channels - one in English and one in Spanish. Between the two channels he’s got over 400,000 subscribers and almost 40 million views (not to mention another ~44K followers on Instagram). He posts step-by-step barber tutorials, and provides series like Barbering 101. He also offers product reviews and information, and tips like how to get a job in a barber shop and how to become a sponsored barber. If you’re interested in becoming a barber or shoring up your skills, head over to his channel right now!  And if you're in New Jersey, you can visit him in person at FitBarber Studio.

David Falla, The Fit Barber
These days, David doles out his lessons while looking sharp in a custom S&R apron.

David Falla, The Fit Barber
Thanks for reppin' the apron fam, David!

Header photo credit: @527juan