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June 09, 2019

View from Thanksgiving Ranch

Majestic doesn’t begin to describe the environment surrounding Thanksgiving Ranch. Nestled in the southwest corner of Alberta, where the prairies meet the Rocky Mountains, the Ranch offers incredible scenery, the chance to see wildlife like bears and moose, and a luxury retreat that will help you experience the tranquility of nature.

Bradley and Christi Bustard spent the past two years renovating a log home and  barn to create the stunning resort. They now offer a variety of beautiful suites, a large event space, horseback riding tours, delicious food and baking, and a truly peaceful retreat - there’s no one else within 5 kilometers of the lodge.

Thanksgiving Ranch
They’re also just minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park, and the newly established Castle Wildland Provincial Park. Whether you’re looking for hiking, wildlife, stargazing, or just spectacular views of nature, you’re going to find it at Thanksgiving Ranch.

Thanksgiving Ranch
We love that one of our aprons is worn in such a stunning location! Thanks to Brad and Christi for sharing their story with us. Go check out their website to book your own trip, and follow the Ranch on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanksgiving Ranch