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August 29, 2020

The newest S&R Ambassador, Michael Varga, is an incredible chef.  It only takes one look at his Instagram account to see how talented he is - just check out some of this food!

Food by Michael Varga

Food by Michael Varga

Food by Michael Varga

Michael competed on season 5 of Masterchef Canada, and is a Chopped Champion.  He's also building his brand as a chef with a steady stream of partnerships and appearances.  Those facts alone are pretty amazing, and demonstrate just how far his skills go in the kitchen.  Perhaps the most impressive thing about Michael, though, is that in addition to being a chef, he's also a firefighter!  Michael leads Fire in Your Kitchen dinners, which are fundraisers for Vancouver Firefighter Charities. A group of firefighters comes to your home and cooks you a luxurious multi-course meal, and the proceeds go to a variety of initiatives that support citizens across Vancouver.

Chef Michael Varga

S&R is proud to have an Ambassador who's not only mastering his craft but also giving back to his community. Thanks for being in the #ApronFam, Michael!