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August 27, 2020

It’s finally here! After years in development, we are stoked to introduce the world’s first bleach safe cotton apron. It’s made with our Infinite Black denim and it’s a gamechanger for hairstylists and colourists.

Bleachproof Stylist Apron

Our goal was to create the perfect salon apron: comfortable, breathable, functional, and totally resistant to peroxide bleach. After working in collaboration with local and international hairstylists, we’ve achieved that goal, and now you can purchase the Infinite Black Bleachproof Stylist Apron right here at S&R.

This new design offers all the comfort, durability, and style that S&R aprons are known for, with the addition of our brand-new proprietary bleachproof fabric. It’s available with either gold or chrome hardware, and it comes with all the pockets and storage spots you need while you’re at work, while still being lightweight and contemporary.

Infinite Black Bleachproof Denim Apron

Check it out now, and if you grab one, make sure you tag us on Instagram @searchandrescuedenim so we can see you rocking this revolutionary apron!