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How To Build Your Custom Apron

For the better part of 2018, we spent our time developing a better way for our customers to personalize and customize their apron order with us.  With help from the talented folks over at Opacity Design Group here in Vancouver, we built the first ever online Custom Apron Builder. 

Why did we do this? Well, we realized that we aren't just in the apron business. We're in the personal branding business.  A large majority of our clients are other entrepreneurs or small business owners. Whether it be a barber shop or salon, restaurant, cocktail bar or tattoo shop, our customers are working to build their own brands and reputations, and we wanted to be able to help them express their own design aesthetic through our aprons.

Our custom apron builder allows you to create an apron to your specification in real time, live on our website.  We worked with a local 3D rendering designer to digitize all of our aprons, straps, pockets, hardware and finishings so that you can actually see what you're creating in front of you.

The other challenge was to incorporate our clients branding through embroidery.  After quite a bit of experimenting we've created a system that allows you to upload your logo, choose the size, position on the apron and stitching colour. You can also add text embroidery as an addition too. 

Here's the whole process of building your perfect apron:

First things first, you choose the apron style you want, whether that be a traditional flat front, a split leg apron great for those working while seated, or one of our leather aprons for durability and style.

Once you've decided on your apron body style, it's time to choose your apron body material.  If you selected the "Flat Front" style apron you'll be presented with all of the canvas and denim fabric choices, bit it's also not too late to switch over to leather or vinyl from the slider on the right.

Next up it's time to add straps. We have a variety of cotton and leather options that you can choose from the drop down menu. In this case we've paired a natural veg-tab leather x-back strap with a natural veg tan leather waist belt.  One cool thing to note, if you've already go an apron and a set of straps from us, you can choose "no thanks" to the apron straps and just order a fresh apron body.

Now it's time to choose your hardware and stitching.  The hardware includes the grommets, rivets and d-rings on the apron, as well as the clips and buckles on the straps. You can have whatever colour you want, as long as it's gold or chrome ;).  For the stitching, we have a range of options for our fabric aprons, or if you've chosen a leather or vinyl apron we have a different set of heavier weight stitching options for those aprons.  If you're not sure what thread would go best with your apron, you can also just tick the box to "match my apron colour".  Easy-peasy.

How do you like your pockets? Do you like them high? Do you like them low? We don't know, that's why it's up to you. In the next two steps you can choose you pocket shape, position and if you want to upgrade them to leather. You can also add a towel loop, just let us know if the text box where on the apron you'd like it!

And now for the finishing touches ...  here's where things get really...personal.

In the following steps, you can choose logo embroidery, text embroidery, or both. For a logo, upload your logo image, let us know how big you want it to be from the selections on the right, where on the apron you want it on the apron with the logo placement market tool on the left, and then what colour you want it stitched in. If you want us to match the colours in your logo its as easy as checking the "match my logo" box.

For text embroidery, you can input the words you want into the text box, select your font, size and placement and of course the stitching colour.

That's everything! Now, if you have a change of heart about any of your choices, you can navigate back to the previous steps through the progress bar at the top of the page.  If you're ready to go ahead, click next step and you'll get an order summary before proceeding to payment. This is where you also have a change to add any notes you want to the order with special instructions:

Now, our apron builder has a ton of options, but if you need something super custom that you don't see options for here, we'd love to hear from you! For all your unusual or extra specific requests, please give us a shout at

Thanks for checking out our new apron builder!

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