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March 23, 2019

Sarai Speer is a hair magician. There’s no other way to explain how she creates such vibrant, gorgeous looks for her clients. Her colour work is truly art. Exhibit A:

Hairstyle by Sarai Speer
These days, Sarai is doing her styling while wearing an S&R apron, and we love her for it!

Hairstylist Sarai Speer
Sarai is a real pioneer in the hair world. Her “Whoville Christmas Tree” cutting technique went viral because while it looks scary AF, the results are awesome (watch the video if you want to know why Allure magazine called it “terrifying”). She also created “ghosted hair” that takes hair to the lightest shade of blonde and makes it iridescent and frosty. Her innovative techniques have gotten her featured on Buzzfeed, Cosmo, POPSugar, Sephora, Insider Beauty, The Today Show, and multiple industry publications.

Platinum hair by Sarai Speer
Sarai is an awesome person to have in the apron fam! She wears her S&R apron while she travels the continent, teaching other stylists how to take their blonding skills to the next level.

Hairstylist Sarai Speer teaching a class
Check out her awe-inspiring work on Instagram:  @theplatinumgiraffe.  Thanks for reppin' Search & Rescue, Sarai!

Sarai Speer at work

Model photoshoot credits:

Model: @kaiyawolff
Hairstyle: @beautybymissruby
Makeup: @erikareno_artistry
Photos: @thisischarliet
Hair colour: @theplatinumgiraffe
Assistant: @beautyishair