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zzCustom: Flat Front Canvas

Flat Front Canvas

  • Regular (5'10" x 6'2") - qty: 1
Color: Black
Hardware: Black
Stitching: Match my fabric color
NeckStrap: X-Back Leather - Black
Waist Strap: Leather - Black
Leg Strap:

Chest Pockets

  • Pocket: 6" x 10" (2 pockets, 3 slots)
  • Position: C
  • Leather Pocket Color: Black

Lap Pockets

  • Pocket: 8" x 7" (1 slot)
  • Position: L
  • Leather Pocket Color: Black
  • Include Towel Loop
  • Towel Loop Location:
    Right side of the pocket



  • Filename: 스크린샷 2022-10-17 22.17.063.png
  • Logo Url:
  • Logo Digitization: Required
  • Size: 2 x 2
  • Position: 2
  • Color: Gold

Please put the logo upper than this location, I don't want the logo and pocket to be piled up. And please fill the colour of logo.

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