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S&R Ambassadors Kait & Sam Omdal

Sam and Kait Omdal

Sam Omdal and his wife, Kaitlin, are a culinary power couple striving to “spread the deliciousness” to the world. The duo bonded in Alberta while working in multiple restaurants together and eventually moved out to the West Coast to pursue the opening of a craft brew pub in the heart of Vancouver. With a combined professional experience of 25+ years in the restaurant industry it was only a matter of time before Sam and Kait donned their very own aprons and took the entrepreneurial plunge.

Hoping to make a transition from the hospitality industry, the couple started a livestream cooking show on TwitchTV called Cook with Kait. Kait’s desire to teach others how to cook showed up strong at this point and Sam took the responsibility of handling all things related to technology behind the scenes. Together, the duo produces a high quality interactive cooking show that brings viewers together from all around the world.

Cook with Kait

Cook with Kait is the place to learn how to cook, bake, grill, smoke, and even grow your own food! Sustainability is a focus for the couple - using seasonal ingredients and supporting local purveyors when possible. Sam and Kait’s next venture entails taking the show on the road in a licensed mobile truck where they will live, travel, and host the livestream. Follow Cook with Kait on your preferred social platform so you don’t miss the announcement of their next tasty travel destination!

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Find Kait and Sam on Instagram @cookwithkait.

Cook with Kait