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Theodora Raptis

Living Outside The Box

As an artist, creativity has always been my outlet, a way of expressing myself and dealing with the high and lows of the internal struggle we all live. Transitioning into hair as a new medium came naturally because I have been painting and sculpting my whole life.

I have been working behind the chair for six years. Everyday is a new adventure accompanied by unique challenges that help me grow. I constantly push myself to live outside the box where everything is unknown, uncomfortable and scary. That is the place where I can maximize my growth, something that cannot happen in the comfort of what I already know.

I entered this industry when I was 29, easily the oldest in my class. I have been competing with myself and pushing my boundaries every single day since then. It is never too late to learn something new because age really is just a number.

Visiting my Instagram account @theodoraraptis, you will notice that I specialize in vibrant colour, the more unconventional the better. Working behind the chair with a variety of guests, my skill set covers a range of techniques from precision cuts to balayage and everything in between. Being able to accommodate the varied needs of my guests, from the conventional to the truly unconventional, is of the utmost importance to me. I believe even the smallest change can transform the way a person perceives themselves. Because I have always struggled with confidence, using my creative ability to help others find self-confidence is one of the most important reasons I entered this industry.

Theodora Raptis

Education is key. As a stylist, artist and human being, I am constantly learning and sharing with others. I believe there is enough sun for everyone; we can all grow together. I know that as I progress in finding my own path and voice in this industry not everyone will appreciate what I do. I am comfortable with that. As I explore the art of manipulating hair, I cannot stress enough the importance of living outside the box and not letting fear or doubt hold me back.

Here are my guiding principles: stay competitive with myself; do not listen to the hate; never compare myself to others; and know that with enough time and practice I can move mountains.

It is never too late to start if you want something badly enough. You really can achieve anything if you put in the time and work. Believe in yourself even if others do not and use that negative energy to push forward. Remember the only race you are running is with yourself.

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Find Theodora on Instagram @theodoraraptis

Theodora Raptis

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