S&R Ambassador Peyton Leigh - Hairstylist

Peyton Leigh

My name Peyton Leigh, I have been doing hair 5 years now (since graduation). I worked at Life & Colour Salon for my first 4 years. I apprenticed under Nadia Domany for my first couple years as I built my clientele. She taught me the ropes and really helped me become a well rounded stylist. Since June 15 2019 I have been self employed and currently am working at the amazing Style Lab Headquarters along side many other amazing talented stylists.

Peyton Leigh

I started my hair journey a couple years before school where I was a salon coordinator at a salon and did desk work where I realized I was more interested in what the stylists were doing than I thought I would have been. I then applied to hair school and worked at Blo blow dry bar pre hair school and during.

My passion runs deep for what I do, I live a breathe my career, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I first got an apron from Search and Rescues a couple years ago and think they’re just the best. The apron makes you feel fashion forward and completely bad ass!

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Find Peyton on Instagram @hairbypeytonleigh.

Peyton Leigh