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Chef Joseph Saady

Chef Joseph Saady was born December, 1986 in Detroit, Michigan. Coming from an Arabic family, he started cooking at a very young age, using smells of spices every morning then coming home after school and helping his family prep throughout the evening after his studies. Chef Joseph’s introduction to cooking stemmed from pickling grape leaves to making doughs for pita bread. Life always revolved around the kitchen and bringing the family together through food.

Chef Joseph Saady

A lot of Chef Joseph’s inspiration came from watching others in their passion, from barbers and tattoo artists to mechanics and hair stylists. Joseph loved watching others and how these professionals made people feel. When Chef Joseph was a young boy, his family moved from Detroit to California. They opened a small business and started out with a deep fryer making fried chicken and french fries with a side of hot sauce. Basic and simple, right? This food was served to all of the hard workers in the fields surrounding their family business. He knew the smiles on their faces came from the food. Chef Joseph then knew his love for people was being fueled by his faith in God. As time went on Chef Joseph continued to surround his business around the dinner table. Joseph’s passion was to always bring people together, whether it’s through his personal clients, private dinners, or restaurant consulting. His children are a huge inspiration in his life, and they help motivate him continually to do more for others and to always get children involved in his craft. Chef Joseph has a dear love for kids to be leaders of the culinary world while at the same time he was able to spread love through his hands-on work.

Faith is number one in Chef Joseph’s world. It’s what fuels him daily - to use his love for Christ to help his hands touch more lives day after day without ever making someone feel pressured or unwanted. It’s not just great food you get with Chef Joseph but wisdom and love. The attention to detail, technical skills, and leadership. Teaching others to love what they do no matter what it is. Give it your best.

Chef Joseph Saady

Chef Joseph’s hobbies include snowboarding, skateboarding, tattoos, anything surrounded by passion, art, kids, and people, reading, and studying on a daily basis.

Working from the family business for chefs across the country to studying in his car when he was homeless, watching movies and studying movements, studying recipes. Chef Joseph Saady is self-taught and loves learning new things daily from all of his surroundings.

At the beginning stages of Chef Joseph’s career, he took on the world of celebrity private chef work for the rich and famous. From private coursed dinners and filling the refrigerators of the elite with health-food meal prep to cooking for big operations on sets in West Hollywood and weddings, he naturally attracted artists or people that appreciate art as his clients being that his style of serving is an art in itself. “I love to love, and I love people. My mission is to change the world.”

Chef Joseph Saady

Chef Joseph has had the joy and pleasure to serve artists in the music industry and beauty world like Rich Homie Quan, Anastasia Beverly Hills Co. and many more, ranging from high end companies in cannabis to the modern American industry, to community first responders. He uses the techniques needed to help maintain stability of diets from high end models to nutrition for athletes, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle of faith, love, and knowledge.

Chef Joseph transitioned his cooking career to focus on his brand name in the world of molecular gastronomy and precision cooking. The next stage in his life evolved into a more professional and private chef world of patrons, restaurant business consulting, marketing and brand development for menus, processing, and procedures, and franchising. Using his knowledge from prior business ventures and struggles, he combined the worlds together to set a new wave and trend of food combined with the art of music. The art of culinary in a new wave of film to capture visuals not just the ingredients but the mind behind the chef. Chef Joseph has ventured into building restaurants in California, Las Vegas and Detroit and helped families build commercial kitchens in their dream homes.

Currently you can enjoy Chef Joseph Saady’s eventful visuals and flavors on his website or Amazon, by booking him for a private event, or through daily motivation and cooking tutorials on all social media platforms.

What’s the future hold for Chef Jojo? More restaurants, non-profits and building a brand like no other…

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Find Chef Joseph on Instagram @grandmasterchefjojo.

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