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S&R Ambassador Eva Huber - Tattoo Artist

Eva Huber

Growing up, there were the little girls who dreamed of being a teacher, a mother and wife, a princess, a veterinarian, and then there was Eva. With dreams of living a life Indiana Jones could admire, her work has taken her to some truly incredible places full of adventure, mischief, and above all, creativity.

Eva Huber, a native of New York state, has been a tattoo artist for 16 years and counting. Her style can best be described as playfully illustrative with a Neo-traditional influence. Her work pulls from various sources oftentimes found in nature and most notably Victorian era fashion and Occult related imagery. Her work has taken her from her humble roots of upstate New York to places such as Paris, Borneo, Vianden, Berlin, New York City, Dublin, San Francisco, Austin, New Zealand, Kuching, Boston, and beyond. Travel is something very near and dear to this artist as her philosophical beliefs support exposure to culture and experiences which then directly influences and inevitably translates into her work. Tattooing is a living art form and life is meant to be lived. There are many places to see, people to meet and experiences to be had, all which encourage growth, education, and knowledge. What better way to document this than with a beautiful piece of art which everyone may enjoy who comes into contact with it along the journey.

Aside from tattooing, Eva loves to dabble in many different mediums, ranging from water color painting, photography, apparel design, wood carving, and painting custom leather jackets.

Hard work and a little bit of luck has allowed her to work along side some truly prolific artists and companies: the TV show Ink Master, Sperry Shoes, Megan Massacre of Grit n Glory, Babes Ride Out, Inked Magazine to name a few. She has also been featured in publications such as The Boston Globe, Huffington Post, The Times Daily (Alabama), and Tattoo magazine.

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Find Eva on Instagram @evan_jean.

Eva Huber