What is the difference between denim, denim twill and duck canvas?

Here is a breakdown of each:

Denim: traditional heavier cotton which is vegetable dyed. Since it is vegetable dyed it will fade over time on those parts of the article that receive the most stress. It also can colour-run or shrink if washed in warm-hot water.

Denim Twill: many of your pairs of jeans are actually made of denim twill. It looks like denim and is still a cotton, but is dyed with an insoluble dye so it will not run or shrink in the same fashion that a regular denim will.

Duck Canvas: (also known as duck cloth) this is a material that you may have seen used for traditional workwear clothing. It is an extremely durable fabric with a tight weave that, while not waterproof, will wick moisture away better then denim.

How do I wash my fabric apron?

For raw aprons, we recommend a cold water wash, hang dry or tumble dry on low, and iron if needed.

How do I wash my vinyl apron?

One side is a soft, completely non-porous and wipe-able vinyl which can be sprayed down and sterilized with Cavicide or another suitable solution for sterilization. If you would like to fully wash it to clean the denim twill liner, you can wash it by hand in cool water and hang it to dry.

How do I wash my leather apron?

Our leather aprons are made from a soft and supple cow hide. They can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommended dry cleaning.

Where can I see your aprons in person?

Our flagship store is located at 1420 Old Bridge St. on historic Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. We also have a few retailers that carry our aprons in North America. For a listing of our retailers, please visit our Stockists page.

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