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At S&R, we live and breathe design, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

S&R stands as a beacon for those who value craftsmanship, individuality, and the spirit of excellence in their professions. We exist to elevate the everyday experience of dedicated professionals by crafting aprons that are as exceptional as the people who wear them. Our commitment lies in creating not just a product, but a personal emblem of one's passion, precision, and pride in their craft.

It All Started In Our Kitchen

It all started in a humble setting - our small apartment in Kitsilano - where we began crafting aprons exclusively for our tattoo artist friends. Little did we know that this endeavour would soon blossom into something greater. With increasing demand for our unique aprons, we made the bold decision for me to leave my day job and dedicate ourselves entirely to this venture, just six months later. 
In pursuit of more space and opportunity, we relocated to a less glamorous part of Vancouver. The rent was affordable, but the surroundings were far from ideal, often prompting police raids and questionable activities by fellow tenants. Nonetheless, this is where we acquired additional sewing machines and welcomed our first two seamstresses, who became invaluable contributors to our production process.
After half a year in that modest apartment, we took a leap of faith and moved our operations to a small studio on Vancouver's vibrant east side. It was here that our dreams truly began to flourish. Over the course of two years, we honed our craft, expanded our offerings, and paved the way for an exciting new chapter.
The turning point arrived when an incredible opportunity presented itself - the chance to relocate our business to beautiful Granville Island and open our very own retail shop. This marked a significant milestone in our journey, further solidifying our commitment to our customers and our dedication to creating the finest aprons available.
Our clientele expanded beyond tattoo artists to encompass an array of talented professionals, including barbers, chefs, hairstylists, bartenders, baristas, and a multitude of artists. What bound them all together was their entrepreneurial spirit and the shared aspiration to build their own successful ventures.
Driven by this ambition, we embarked on a mission to craft aprons that would match the extraordinary drive and creativity of our clients. We spared no effort in creating the most stylish, durable, and high-quality aprons imaginable.
It became evident that our apron branding and personalization options would be crucial to setting us apart as a brand. To fulfill this vision, we made it our purpose to provide the most customizable, beautiful, and premium aprons on the market. This led us to invest in our online custom apron builder, enabling our customers to easily tailor their aprons to their exact specifications while streamlining the customization process.
In our fourth year on Granville Island, we reached another significant milestone in our growth. With great excitement, we made the decision to move just around the corner to a spacious and beautiful studio that better accommodates our expanding operations. This move allowed us to optimize our workflow, enhance our craftsmanship, and foster a creative environment where innovation thrives. Today, nestled in this larger studio, we continue to create our exceptional aprons with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every piece we produce embodies the luxury and premium quality our brand represents.
Today, our aprons grace the renowned establishments of esteemed partners such as Wolfgang Puck restaurants and The Four Seasons hotels. They are proudly worn by brands like Veuve Clicquot, Tito's Vodka, Jägermeister, Empress Gin, Johnnie Walker and many more. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to forge strong connections with industry leaders, and our aprons have become the trusted choice of the most creative and dedicated professionals worldwide.