Free Shipping In Canada & USA On Orders Over $150 || Free Text Embroidery On All Apron Orders

Free Shipping In Canada & USA On Orders Over $150 || Free Text Embroidery On All Apron Orders


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Why Buy a Custom Apron

The average person doesn’t need a custom apron. But you? You, my friend, are not the average person.

If you’re reading this, you’re an artist. Your art may be food, drinks, hair, tattoos, or a more traditional form, but regardless, you’re an artist. And an artist needs the right tools.

Here at S&R, we offer a wide variety of luxury aprons for a wide variety of artists. And because we offer so many styles, fabrics, and options, many people can find what they are looking for from our existing collection. But for some - those with specific tastes, unique needs, and the desire for something special - only the best will do. And the best is custom.

Let us walk you through the S&R custom apron, and why it’s right for you.

Branding Your Business
Customization = Luxury
Design Choices
Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Bartender Bad Birdy wears a custom bartender apron made by S&R Denim Co

Branding Your Business

We offer branding on all of our aprons. Custom text embroidery is free, and logo embroidery can be added for a small fee. So even if you’re buying from our existing collection, you can have a custom element on your apron.

So how is branding different on a custom apron?

The difference is that the entire apron can reflect your brand. Is your logo pink? Choose rose thread for the stitching. Is red one of your brand colours? Select a red plaid apron liner. Do you have a touch of metallic gold in your brand to give that hint of luxury? Pick gold hardware. With every step of your custom apron, you can consider what choice will best reflect your brand and build an apron that is an ideal match for your business. And then, of course, finish it off with that custom logo! Bring it all together for your brand and pick the ideal placement of your logo and/or name on your apron.

Bartender Saeed "Hawk" House wears a custom bartender apron from S&R Denim Co


Customization = Luxury

One of the key components of luxury is exclusivity. Nothing is more exclusive than a product that is made just for you. And we’re not talking about adding just a bit of customization - we’re talking about a product that is made step-by-step according to your specifications. You get to choose exactly what you want, from the style to the material right down to the colour of the stitching. Then to top it off, you can add custom branding. No one else is going to have the same apron as you.

Your business has a unique value proposition, right? Something that you do differently from everyone else. Something that makes your customers choose you over your competitors. Your work uniform should be just as unique.

The great thing about our custom aprons is that they may be bespoke, but they don’t have to have crazy prices. You can get a unique apron made exclusively for you, with all the details just how you want them, and depending on the choices you make, the price can be in line with one of our off-the-rack aprons.

A bartender wears a custom apron from S&R

Design Choices

With a custom apron, all of the design choices are up to you. We’ve done the hard work of coming up with styles, selecting the best materials, and sourcing quality accessories like hardware. You get to review our many options and assemble an apron that is going to be an extension of you and ideal for your workday. Rather than settling for an apron that’s going to be just fine, with a custom apron you can build one that’s just right.

Buying a custom apron means you have more options than a standard apron style. In our custom apron builder, not only can you choose a traditional shape, you also have the option of a split leg (ideal if you work sitting down or do a lot of bending or kneeling) or a bistro style. You can then pick the size that’s right for you, based on your height (and we have a size chart to help out with that).

Custom apron builder from S&R, which allows you to design a custom apron from start to finish

A custom apron also gives you material options so you can pick the fabric that’s going to be the most comfortable and effective for your type of work, whether that’s leather, vinyl, canvas, denim, poly-cotton, or bleach-proof. Most of the material options have further variations for colour, and it’s then up to you if you want to add an inside liner.

You can also dive into the nitty gritty details and select the hardware, straps, and stitching that fits your vision. The straps, in particular, are highly dependent on personal preference, since they are very important to how comfortable you will find your apron. The choice between a neck strap or an X-back strap, and what those straps are made of, makes a big difference to how your apron will sit on your body. It may seem like overkill that we offer so many ways to customize an apron, but these factors are key to the wearability of an item.

With a custom apron, you can select the exact style of neck and waist straps for your apron.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Pockets are part of the design, but they’re important enough to get their own section in this article! Pocket placement is where customization really kicks into high gear. Chances are, you could look at our current apron collections and find something that pretty closely matches your needs based on material and style. But having the exact custom pockets you want, placed in the ideal location for you and your work, takes an apron from good to great. A regular apron protects your clothes; a custom apron with pockets you’ve selected becomes a tool itself, supporting you throughout your workday and making you more efficient and effective.

With a custom apron, you get to make a lot of pocket-related decisions. This is done on purpose because the way that people use pockets varies greatly based on what type of work they’re doing when wearing their apron. A barber or hairstylist is going to need slots for scissors where a bartender may want a larger pocket for a corkscrew. All those folks may want a towel loop, but its location will vary based on whether the wearer is right or left handed.

There are so many pocket-related details to consider. With our custom apron builder, here are the choices you’ll get:
  • Do you want chest pockets and/or lap pockets?
  • What size pockets do you want?
  • How many slots do you want your pockets to have (if any)?
  • Do you want your pockets angled or vertical?
  • Would you prefer to upgrade your pockets to leather? If so, what colour leather and what colour stitching?
  • Should your pockets be on the left side or right side or centered?
  • Do you want zippered pockets?
  • Do you want to add a towel loop? If so, where do you want it placed? And would you like to upgrade to leather?

All these choices make for a highly customized apron, just with pockets alone! This flexibility in design means you’ll have a product that is ultra-convenient and made to maximize the efficiency of your work.

S&R's custom apron builder, showing options for custom pocket sizes and placement.

Buying a custom apron means you have the opportunity to mix and match beyond industry standards. For example, most of our hairstylist and barber aprons are either vinyl or bleach-proof cotton, but if you’re a stylist who wants a denim apron, you can do that! You can pick your denim then add the best pockets for your stylist apron. You get the chance to go beyond the usual and come up with the ideal apron for you.

That’s what it comes down to - giving yourself the gift of an apron that is designed 100% by you, to be the ultimate work tool, and fully reflecting who you are as an artist at work.

What are you waiting for? Our custom apron builder is ready to help you design your dream apron.



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