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December 15, 2019

At S&R we’re all about promoting and supporting local small businesses, and we love it when we can collaborate with other entrepreneurs who have the same mindset. This is definitely the case with our new ambassador, Mike Sonier, of Ethical Table. He’s a Vancouver-based chef and consultant who’s focused on locally inspired cuisine and helping restaurants become thriving, successful businesses.

Chef Mike Sonier

Mike is an expert at helping restaurants implement the concept of farm-to-table. Ethical Table’s philosophy is know your farmers, eat seasonally, and appreciate the art of slow cooking, and these ideas are infused into all of their work. They source ingredients locally, only work with humanely raised or wild animals, minimize wastage, and try to use the whole ingredient. This results in carefully crafted, beautiful dishes.

@ethicaltable on Instagram

While Mike is a very talented chef with over 17 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, he’s also got the skills to advise on the business side of restaurants, and these days, this is where he’s making a big impact. From marketing to budgeting to staff development to inventory management, Mike works with his clients on all aspects of their businesses. Whether it’s helping to launch a new restaurant, or improve the operations or menu of an existing one, his ability to collaborate and promote farm-to-table concepts are invaluable to his industry partners.

Chef Mike Sonier

On top of all of this, Ethical Table offers catering and cooking classes, and Mike has an Instagram full of stunning food photography. And sometimes he posts pictures of himself in one of his S&R Aprons! We’re proud to have such a talented professional in our apronfam.

Photo credits: @taraogradyphoto, @ethicaltable