May 09, 2016

Search and Rescue Denim Co Barista Apron for Field and Social Restaurant

Field & Social staff member wearing her Search & Rescue Denim Co grey duck canvas apron. Photo credit: @fieldandsocial Instagram.

Earlier this year, Field & Social joined the growing group of locally-focused eateries in Vancouver. They are offering up variety of colourful fresh salads with amazing array of ingredients. We were happy to supply them with custom grey duck canvas barista aprons that work with their sleek and clean aesthetic.

Field and Social Vancouver wearing Search and Rescue Denim Co Barista Aprons

Filed & Social Vancouver. Staff wearing Search & Rescue Denim Co Aprons. Photo credit: @fieldandsocial Instagram.

Salad at Field and Social who wears Search and Rescue Denim Co Aprons

Colourful salad offerings at Field & Social Vancouver. Photo credit: @fieldandsocial Instagram.

Co-Founder Stephen Collins Field and Social wearing Search and Rescue Denim Co Apron

Field & Social Co-founder, Stephen Collins wearing his Search & Rescue Denim Co Apron. Photo credit: Vancouver Sun.