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zzCustom: Flat Front Denim

Flat Front Denim

  • Regular (5'10" x 6'2") - qty: 1
Color: Charcoal
Hardware: Chrome
Stitching: Match my fabric color
NeckStrap: None
Waist Strap: None
Leg Strap:

Chest Pockets

  • Pocket: 4.5" x 7" (3 slots)
  • Position: L

Lap Pockets

  • Pocket: 5.5" x 8.5" (2 slots)
  • Position: L
  • Include Towel Loop


No Embroidery

I was wondering if you reinforce the bib of the apron with a lining that would protect it from the nubby buttons on a chef coat. I’ve ticked the pinstripe lining to cover the cost of that but I’m not attached to a pinstripe lining if that makes sense. I was also wondering if it was possible for the leather towel strap on the bib to have a snap on one end. He has a knife holster he wants to be able to attach in that position. But his last one had a towel loop on the lower left side so he’d probably like one there too. That one doesn’t have to be leather though.