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zzCustom: Flat Front Denim

Flat Front Denim

  • X-Short (5'4" and under) - qty: 1
Color: Chocolate Brown
Hardware: Gold
Stitching: Natural
NeckStrap: Neck Strap Leather - Natural
Waist Strap: Leather - Natural
Leg Strap:

Chest Pockets

  • Pocket: 5.5" x 8.5" (3 slots) - Option A
  • Position: C
  • Leather Pocket Color: LightBrown

Lap Pockets

  • Pocket: 6" x 10" (2 slots)
  • Position: L



  • Text: Come For Dinner
  • Font: Script
  • Size: 0.75" tall by up to 8" wide
  • Position: 11
  • Color: Natural
  • Contact me about this text

Can you email me regarding the sizing of the apron, my mom is 5'4", will this apron be too short? Regarding the leather used, we would like light brown leather on the chest pocket and regular chocolate brown denim on the lap pocket, it is showing in our order as leather despite efforts to change the specifications. Is it possible to receive sample photos of the leathers used on the apron as well as the pin stripe inlay at my email? Cheers, Cole