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zzCustom: Flat Front Canvas

Flat Front Canvas

  • Short (5'5" - 5'9") - qty: 1
  • Regular (5'10" x 6'2") - qty: 1
Color: Black
Hardware: Chrome
Stitching: White
NeckStrap: Neck Strap Cotton - Black
Waist Strap: Cotton - Black
Leg Strap:

Chest Pockets

  • Pocket: 5.5" x 8.5" (3 slots) - Option B
  • Position: C

Lap Pockets

  • Pocket: 11.6" x 8.75" combo
  • Position: C



  • Filename: BAR N0NE
  • Logo Url:
  • Size: 5"x5" (25 sq. inches)
  • Position: 2
  • Color: White

The logo we provided has black lettering in the .ai Adobe Illustrator file, but we want it embroidered in White Thread. 2nd, our Logo is 'wide' and we really would like it to be as wide as possible at the top of the Apron. I spoke with Will on the phone and he mentioned this would be possible. My e-mail is and my phone is 512-695-6236 if you have any questions about that. Then make sure upper pocket is moved down to where it gives the logo 2 inches of clearance, meaning there should be 2 inches between the top of the pocket and the bottom of the logo, once the logo is 90% the width of the Apron. THANK YOU!!!