Custom: Split Leg Vinyl

Split Leg Vinyl

  • Short (5'5" - 5'9") - qty: 1
Color: Black
Hardware: Chrome
Stitching: Black
NeckStrap: Neck Strap Cotton - Black
Waist Strap: Cotton - Black
Leg Strap: Cotton - Black

Chest Pockets

  • Pocket: 5.5" x 8.5" (3 slots) - Option A
  • Position: C

Lap Pockets

  • Pocket: 6" x 10" (1 slot)
  • Position: R



  • Filename: IMG_0158.jpg
  • Logo Url:
  • Size: 3"x3" (9 sq. inches)
  • Position: 3
  • Color: White

In the mock-up, the logo overlaps the top pocket..but I'm not sure how to fix that issue without moving the logo drastically. I 'd love it in the top left corner if that's possible!! & the top pocket to remain in the center. Thanks so much for all you do, I've been wanting one of these forever!