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April 23, 2020

Like many businesses, we’ve had to very quickly pivot our operations in order to survive COVID-19.  Many of our customers are in the hardest-hit industries - bartenders, chefs, baristas, hairstylists, barbers, and others – which means there isn’t a huge demand for aprons right now.  And of course, like many other retailers, our storefront is closed.  But since we’re a fully decked-out sewing operation, we realized that we can offer one of the most important items needed by everyone at this critical time: face masks.

Medium face mask

A couple weeks ago we got to work creating The Resistance Mask (currently unvavailable), and now we are working around the clock to make as many of them as we can.  They come in large and medium for adults, and small for kids (ages 2+).  They’re made of 100% cotton and accept a HEPA filter, and they’re intended to be used with double sided tape on the upper cheeks/nose, instead of having a nose wire.  This makes them durable and washable, and creates the best seal on the face.  Our masks are meant for personal use – they’re not CSA or FDA approved.  For all the details on our masks, see our FAQs.

Kids' face mask

We launched our first round of mask sales a couple weeks ago and sold out overnight.  These masks are all in progress now, with some already on their way to customers.  Thank you to everyone who made a purchase!

For each mask we sell, we donate one to an essential worker.  We’re proud to be able to provide masks to the public, and to help our community during this really challenging time.  As of now, we’re working on over 1200 masks for donation to essential workers in British Columbia and we look forward to making and donating many more as this crisis continues.

Face mask

To help with production, we’ve secured a second space here on Granville Island.  This will enable us to expand production capacity and increase the orders we can take.  It also means we need more sewing help, so we are hiring!  More folks on the team means we'll be able to make that many more masks and get them into your hands quicker.

Face mask production

We expect to have another round of masks available soon, and of course apron orders are always welcome!  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out when more masks will be up for grabs, or sign up for email notification on one of our mask pages.  Thanks for your support, and stay safe, everyone!