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July 05, 2020

Check out this amazing video Artel Salon made about us!  Stylist Allie Routledge ( @alliedoesgoodhair) talks about her acid wash S&R apron and how she added custom branding to it.



We’ve had a partnership with Artel Salon for a while - owner Eliza Trendiak is one of our S&R Ambassadors, and her husband Rob is a professional photographer who has shot our aprons.  We’re so grateful that they believe in our product and are willing to create and share a testimonial like this.

Artel Salon has three locations in Vancouver so if you’re local, check them out!  You can also follow Artel, Eliza, Rob, and Allie on Instagram.  And of course, if you want your own acid wash apron, you can grab one here!